Name: Magnus                  


Race: Human

Careers: Thug (Starting, Current, p. 57)

Personal DetailsEdit

Age: 20 Gender: Male
Eye Color: Light brown Weight: 165 pounds
Hair Color: Corn Height: 5'7"
Star Sign: The Dancer, Sign of Love and Affection Number of Siblings: 5

Birthplace: Leitenbad, Middenland

Distinguishing Marks: A scar over his cheek and chin.


Magnus was born in 2502 under the sign of the Dancer to a peasant family in the small Middenland village of Leitenbad. He grew up to be a resilient young man, poised to follow a career in the small but growing lumber industry of the village. This life would end in 2517 when he came back to the village from his work in the forest to find it burned by a Beastman War Band, and most of the villagers dead or gone.

The survivors banded together and founded a hideout in the forest where they would struggle to survive as the electorate was torn by war and lawlessness, until a year later, one family would doom them by showing compassion towards a small group of wandering refugees. Word of the hideouts location was carried by those refugees and only a week later, a nightly attack by a band of criminals and deserters would destroy this last place Magnus had called home. Barely escaping the slaughter, the terrified Magnus became a refugee himself.

In 2519 he reached Middenheim, at that time already teeming with mercenaries, soldiers and refugees. Without any education or support, within two years he turned into a thug just like those who had burned down the secret village in the woods. Half a year before the siege of Middenheim, he was driven out of the city by rumors of a price on his head for murder, something he never confirmed.

As he went North, he continued to earn his bread with the work of a thug and a criminal until one night, his dead father appeared to him in a dream and told him he had brought shame on his family name by ignoring his honor to survive. Awakening drenched in sweat, Magnus swore to not use his family name again until he had regained his honor and his family could once more be proud of him.

A month later, Magnus arrived in Hargendorf.

Character ProfileEdit

Main WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
Starting 40 35 32 39 32 31 34 30
Advance +10 - +5 +5 - - +5 +5
Current 50 35 37 44 32 31 34 35
Secondary A W SB TB M Mag IP FP
Starting 1 12 3 3 0 0 0 3
Advance +1 +2 - - - - - -
Current 2 14 3 4 0 0 0 3


Name Enc Group Damage Range Reload Qualities
Quarterstaff (Best Quality) 50 Ordinary SB-2 Melee - Defensive, Pummeling
Dagger 10 Ordinary SB-3 Melee - -
Knuckle Duster 1 Ordinary SB-3 Melee - Pummeling
Hand Axe Ordinary SB Melee - -


Armour Type Enc Locations Covered AP
Leather Jerkin 40 Body 1
Mail Shirt 60 Body 2

Experience PointsEdit

Current: 0

Total: 700

Combat MovementEdit

Move/Disengage: 8 Charge Attack: 16 Run: 24


Basic Skills (Characteristic) Taken +10% +20% Related Talents
Animal Care (Int)
Charm (Fel)
Command (Fel)
Concealment (Ag)
Consume Alcohol (T) X
Disguise (Fel)
Drive (S)
Evaluate (Int)
Gamble (Int) X
Gossip (Fel) X
Haggle (Fel)
Intimidate (S) X
Outdoor Survival (Int)
Perception (Int)
Ride (Ag)
Row (S)
Scale Sheer Surface (S)
Search (Int)
Silent Move (Ag)
Swim (S)
Advanced Skills (Char) Taken +10% +20% Related Talents
Common Knowledge (the Empire) (Int) X
Dodge Blow (Ag) X
Speak Language (Reikspiel) (Int) X
Secret Language (Thieves Tongue) (Int) X


Talent Description
Warrior Born +5 to WS.
Night Vision See extremely well in darkness up to 30 yards distance. 
Lightning Reflexes +5 to Ag.
Quick Draw Ready Weapon as a Free Action.
Wrestling +10 to WS and S while grappling.
Disarm Disarm instead of inflicting damage after successful attack by testing opposed Strength.
Strike to Stun Stun instead of inflicting damage after successful attack by testing opposed Strength.


Item Enc Description
Quarterstaff (Best Quality) 50 Made from hickory, steel-capped and delicately balanced, this wooden pole represents the high end of staff technology.
Hand Axe 50 It cuts through wood...among other things.
Dagger 10 A worn old dagger, the blade thinned by years of sharpening.
Knuckle duster 1 Only slightly bulges the pocket.
Wide-brimmed hat 5 A black leather capotain.
Leather jerkin 40 A studded leather vest, slightly shabby from the scraping of metal rings.
Mail shirt 60 A sleeveless shirt of interlocking metal rings.
Common clothes 15 Brown breeches and a white shirt, both slightly stained and repaired in places. A pair of sturdy boots, the soles beginning to wear thin.
Cloak 10 Grey and slightly tattered at the edges.

Sling bag

5 Because the cloak can't wave under a rucksack.


10 Genuine alpaca wool. Just kidding.
Wooden Tankard 5 It's got a lid!
Wooden cutlery 2 Mmm...splinters.
Purse ? Made to contain loadsemone.
Waterskin with Water 50/100
Waterskin with Wine 40/100 Contains 8 bottles of cheap Middenheim Red.
Wooden Wedge 2 Fits in the other pocket.
Wooden Funnel 1 Tucked away in the slingbag.
Total Weight 356 of 370


Gold Crowns (gc): 1

Silver Schillings (s): 4

Brass Pennies (p): 4