Name: Kirathiel

Race: High Elf

Careers: Rogue (Starting / Current) (p.51)

Personal DetailsEdit

Age: 70 (looks early 20s) Gender:  Female
Eye Color: Purple Weight: 130
Hair Color: Silver Height: 6'1"
Star Sign: Mummit the fool (sign of instinct) Number of Siblings: 1

Birthplace: Altdorf

Distinguishing Marks: Long flowing hair


Kirathiel has lived out most of her life traveling from city to city performing her trade: a fortune teller of divine knowledge that can grant luck and mend past wrongs of the unknown. Using her trusty tarot deck she manages a decent living. Until recently she worked along side her twin brother Krylanthas. Due to unfortunate circumstances he has been thrown into prison. This has set Kirathiel's plans back as she tries to find a way to pay his fines and earn his freedom.

Character ProfileEdit

Main WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
Starting 33 41 27 26 42 38 34 36
Advance +5% +5%* - - +10% +5%* +5%* +10%**
Current 33 46 27 26 42 43 44 46
Secondary A W SB TB M Mag IP FP
Starting 1 12 2 2 5 0 0 2
Advance - +2 - - - - - -
Current 1 12 2 2 5 0 0 3


Name Enc Group Damage Range Reload Qualities Ammo
Dagger 10 Ordinary SB-3 - - None -

Sword (Hand weapon)

50 Ordinary SB - - None -
Short Bow 75 Ordinary 3 16/32 Half None 14


Armour Type Enc Locations Covered AP

Experience PointsEdit

Current: 100

Total: 800

Combat MovementEdit

Move/Disengage: Charge Attack: Run:


Basic Skills (Char) Taken +10% +20% Related Talents
Animal Care Int
Charm Fel taken
Command Fel
Concealment Ag
Consume Alcohol T
Disguise Fel
Drive S
Evaluate Int taken
Gamble Int taken
Gossip Fel taken
Haggle Fel
Intimidate S
Outdoor Survival Int
Perception Int taken
Ride Ag
Row S
Scale Sheer Surface S
Search Int taken
Silent Move Ag
Swim S
Advanced Skills (Char) Taken +10% +20% Related Talents
Blather Fel taken
Speak language  (Reikspiel)    Int taken
Speak language (Eltharin) Int taken
Speak language (Thieves tongue) Int taken
Secret Signs (thief)* Int taken
Common knowledge (Elves)   Int taken
Performer (Actor) Fel taken
  • purchased


Talent Description
Cool headed Permanent +5% bonus to WP  (p. 98)
Excellent vision 10% bonus on perception skill tests that involve sight and on lip reading skill tests (p. 99)
Luck Gain a Fortune Point each day (p.100) *
Night vision Natural darkness can see up to 30 yards not total darkness requires at least starlight or more (p.101)
Public speaking effect 10 times normal number of people when using charm. (p. 101)
Sixth Sense have a gut feeling when in danger. GM may have roll WP test, may enable to avoid being surprised. (p. 101)
Specialist Weapon Group (Long Bow) Racial
Streetwise +10% bonus on Charm and Gossip skill tests when dealing with criminal underworld. (P.102)
  •   has been purchased


Item Enc Description

Best Craftsmenship clothing

A lovely outfit. Delicate flowing dress made of silver silken cloths, rich embriodery runs along the sleeves and the base of the skirting. Over corsetry in muted lavenders and purples. A pair of dress boots made of pale leather
Deck of tarot cards. 1 An elaborate hand painted tarot set that consists of 78 vellum cards complete with vine embroidered silk bag.
Back Pack 20 Light clored leather, hand embroidered vines embelish it.  (250 units)
Blanket 10 Simple green in color  (Back pack)
Wooden Tankard 5 TANKARD small amature leaves carved into the wood.
Wooden Cutlery 2 Its wooden! Its cutlery! SPOON!
Purse 1 Purple in color, embroidered with flowers.

Food  Good (2 days)

20 2 days worth of food.
Cloak The cloak has a hood and is a heavy, dull green wool garment. It's a lot cleaner on the inside but the outside has a few noticable stains from mud and char and the dye has worn out near the bottom from dragging a lot to make the trim of it a sort of faded grey/tan color.   (From Gustav)


Gold Crowns (gc):8

Silver Schillings (s):2

Brass Pennies (p):5