Name: Davandrel

Race: High Elf

Careers: Tradesman (Starting / Current) (p.214, Career Compendium)

Personal DetailsEdit

Age: 115 Gender: Female
Eye Color: Silver Weight: 115
Hair Color: Silver Height: 5'9"
Star Sign: The Witchling Star (Sign of Magic) Number of Siblings: 2

Birthplace: Eathaine, Ulthuan


Davandrel is a youthful looking female elf wearing a bright blue dress, accentuated with some minor jewelry. When travelling, she wears a dark green cloak with dark brown fur trimming on top of it. Often she wears the hood up while travelling, to camouflage her silvery hair and elven ears as to not draw too much attention to herself from bandits.

As of her stance and appearance, she very much moves and acts with dignified grace. She might look young, but there hides knowledge, power and wisdom behind those pretty eyes. Wether it is the right kind for this foreign situation she finds herself in, time will tell.


Davandrel was born to a great family of traders in Eathaine. There she learned the basics of herbology and different forms of alchemy, amongst other skills. As Davandrel was still young for Elven standards, she was also quite restless and wanted to explore the world and learn beyond the city walls. As such she was send out by her family to learn the human traditions to facilitate more prosperous trade with them and to develop herself. She would know when it was time to return, they said.

Character ProfileEdit

Main WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
Starting 31 41 39 36 48 32 30 30
Advance - - +5%* +5%* +10% +5%* +10%** -
Current 31 41 44 41 48 42 45 30
Secondary A W SB TB M Mag IP FP
Starting 1 10 4 4 5 0 0 2
Advance - +2 - - - - - -
Current 1 10 4 4 4 0 0 2


Name Enc Group Damage Range Reload Qualities
Dagger 10 Ordinary SB - 3 None
Shortsword 50 Ordinary SB None
Short Bow 75 Ordinary 3 16/32 Half None
Arrows (10) 20


Armour Type Enc Locations Covered AP
Leather Jerkin 40 Body 1

Experience PointsEdit

Current: 75 Used: 700

Total: 775

Combat MovementEdit

Move/Disengage: 8 Charge Attack: 16 Run: 24


Basic Skills (Characteristic) Taken +10% +20% Related Talents
Animal Care (Int) X
Charm (Fel)
Command (Fel)
Concealment (Ag)
Consume Alcohol (T)
Disguise (Fel)
Drive (S) X
Evaluate (Int) X +10% Dealmaker
Gamble (Int)
Gossip (Fel)
Haggle (Fel) X +10% Dealmaker
Intimidate (S)
Outdoor Survival (Int)
Perception (Int) X
Ride (Ag)
Row (S)
Scale Sheer Surface (S)
Search (Int)
Silent Move (Ag)
Swim (S)


Advanced Skills (Char) Taken +10% +20% Related Talents
Common Knowledge (Elves) Int X
Speak Language (Eltharin) Int X
Speak Language (Reikspiel) Int X
Read/Write Int X
Secret Language (Guild Tongue) Int X
Trade (Apothecary) Int X
Trade (Herbalist) Int X
Talent Description
Aethyric Attunement +10% on Channelling and Magical Sense Skill Tests
Specialist Weapon Group (Longbow) The ability to use Longbow weapons normally.

+5 WP

Excellent Vision +10% on Perception tests that involve sight or lip reading
Night Vision See well in darkness up to 30 yards
Savvy +5 INT
Dealmaker +10% on Haggle and Evaluate


Item Enc Description
Good Clothes 15 A bright blue dress that accentuates the body while not hindering travel. Boots made for walking complete the set.
Good Cloak 10 The cloak is a dark green, lined with dark brown fur.
Backpack 20
Metal tankard and cutlery set 9
Rations (7 days) 50
Waterskin (water) 90/100 A waterskin full of water (and a little bit of strong alcohol to keep it drinkable)
Waterskin (pure grain alcohol) 15/100 3 bottles worth of pure grain alcohol in the waterskin.
Purse 1
Tent 20
Blanket 10
Weapons & Armor 195 (see above)


-1 Move penalty due to encumbrance


Gold Crowns (gc): 19

Silver Schillings (s): 16

Brass Pennies (p):